The Stoic: Jijii is rather expressionless in the movie

Adaptational Attractiveness: Movie!Kakihara is much more handsome and charming than his manga self. Word of God is that this was so he could be more appealing to the audience and steal the show. Anachronic Order: The first scene takes place roughly halfway through the film. Bilingual Dialogue: In the film,

All star telethon raises over $57 million for Haiti

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Se who finished fifth, was the first to congratulate me

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He’s getting underrated on the Internet

“Outlook statements from companies are more positive than expected, showing companies are really confident,” said Matthias Joerss, Frankfurt based head of European strategy at Macquarie Group Ltd. “However, going forward, the earnings season will become less important and the sovereign debt crisis is still a main issue. We will also

It’s like reversing the cause

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