Il faut de la simplicit

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fake oakleys Legro, J. Pearce, J. Caulfield, J. A Toronto malpractice lawyer is launching what she calls an unprecedented class action lawsuit against one of Canada’s biggest nursing home companies, charging that it routinely neglects or mistreats elderly residents.The multimillion dollar suit was prompted by the case of Ross Jones, a 68 year old man who allegedly spent the last days of his life in agony, an infected pressure sore left untreated by a Revera Inc. Facility.But the case to be officially unveiled at a news conference Thursday underscores persistent complaints throughout the country that some long term care homes deliver substandard care.Revera counters that it is “very proud” of its service, noting that it looks after people near the end of their lives and frequently suffering from a complex array of ailments.Lawyer Amani Oakley said she often hears from relatives about cases like Jones’ but the economics of suing a nursing home are prohibitive, the damages awarded for an elderly patient dwarfed by the costs of litigation.A class action involving a number of plaintiffs potentially changes those dynamics, making it feasible to pursue a lengthy civil suit even if any compensation awarded to individuals is limited, Oakley said in an interview Wednesday.”We need the giant and very profitable Revera conglomerate to hear the message loud and clear that Mr. Jones’ suffering and death and the negative and unacceptable experiences of other residents is unacceptable,” she said in a statement.Though it is a private business, Mississauga, Ont fake oakleys.